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About Us

“Architectural records and celebrations more than any other Art, The genetic features of our common life” –John Drvey

---- People ----

One team is our most valued resource. C N A focuses on active discussion and collaboration at all levels, which enables every design to reach it most evolved solution each work is handled by a talented and dedicated project team.  Who works closely forgather at every stage of the venture depending on size and scope each project is supervised by an associate and over looked by Senior Designers and Engineers.

---- Environment ----

We are deeply committed to the practice of responsible design, working hard at integrating the imperative of environmental sustainability within the strategic goals of every project C N A has design philosophy based on respecting Human being and the environment.
One of the most important ideas. We have learnt throughout our experience is to value the environment with long term, sustainability and material and structural innovation.
This philosophy has encouraged us to venture in field of construction and development.

---- Our Values ----